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Ocala historic district
Building in the ocala historic district
Ditmar Wissel Family Dentistry
Building in the Ocala Historic District

A National Register Historic District

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The Ocala Historic District, to a greater or lesser extent, meets two National Register criteria for listing.

  • The district's boundary enclose a concentration of well preserved structures built from the 1880's through 1930, which are associated with the lives of persons significant in Ocala's past.
  • The structures and lots, growing larger and more generous through the years, reflect the lifestyle and values of the wealthy and prominent citizens for whom they were built, and catalogue the development of Ocala's finest residential area from the opening of the Florida railroad era through the 1920' s boom period.

During this time, Ocala became an important center for agriculture, ranching, citrus, phosphates, and tourism, and the people who controlled these industries in the locality built homes in the district and supported the construction of churches and schools, which helped to form and define the neighborhood. The integrity of the neighborhood is preserved in large measure. A number of sympathetic rehabilitations have been completed in the northern section of the district during the past decade and intrusive elements within the district are not significantly disruptive. Because the Ocala Historic District maintains its integrity, representing a still vital contribution to Ocala's urban past and present, it deserves the recognition, benefits, and protection coupled to the listing in the National Register of Historic Places.