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An internship with the City of Ocala provides boundless opportunities for anyone wanting to be involved with an organization that has a vision to make Ocala a great place to live, play and prosper.  Internships, no matter what they offer, whether it's academic credit or just old-fashioned good experience, are incredibly valuable. 

Undergraduate Internships

In order to be eligible to participate in the program, interns must be able to work in the United States and demonstrate, through the city’s Undergraduate Internship Application process that they are in a degree seeking program entering or attending an undergraduate accredited college/university, or pursuing a graduate degree at an accredited college/university.

Recreation and Parks Internship

The Recreation and Parks Department is responsible for providing Ocala residents with high quality recreation, cultural and parks programs by leveraging resources in a manner that maximizes our impact on the community.  The intern will work in several areas such as Parks Operations, Administration, Aquatics, Athletics, Community Centers, Discovery Center and Special Events, to name a few. Interns will be responsible for planning, organizing and implementing a new program with the assistance of a supervisor or coordinator and will also evaluate a department "process" and make recommendations on improving that process.

High School Internships

In order to be eligible to participate in the program, interns must be a junior or senior in high school with a favorable referral from their guidance counselor.  Interested students should complete the Intern Program Interest Form and return it along with a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor and/or designee.

Fleet Management Internship

The Fleet Management Department internship provides an opportunity for the intern to apply a variety of knowledge and skills practical to the automotive repair and maintenance industry. The intern will learn the skills and competencies connected with the activities of an automotive fleet organization.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department internship offers practical, hands-on experience and training that will provide an opportunity for growth, learning and development in the Information Technology field. Through orientation and professional development offerings, interns will gain exposure to the industry while engaging in goal setting and professional networking.