City of Ocala Penny Sales Tax

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About the Sales Tax


The sales tax was approved by 59 % of City of Ocala voters on March 15, 2016 and the tax will sunset in 2020. It funds public safety and transportation infrastructure, not salaries or recurring costs. It is a one-percent tax on purchases made by residents and visitors to the City.


List of City of Ocala Penny Sales Tax Projects and Purchases


1. Public Safety

  • Fire Station #7 located at 885 SE 31st St.
  • First  Responder Campus located at 340 NE 8th Ave.
  • Police Vehicles
  • Public Safety Communications Equipment

2. Road Improvements

  • SW 17th Rd. - SW 27th Ave. to SR 200 (Proj.18-01)
  • SW 7th St. - SW 23rd Ave. to SW 21st Ave. (Proj. 18-02)
  • SE 17th St. - SE 25th Ave. to SE 30th Ave. (Proj. 18-09)
  • SE 5th St. and SE Osceola Ave. - SE 1st Ave. to SE 3rd Ave. (Proj. 18-05)
  • SW 10th St. - S Pine Ave. to SE 1st Ave. (Proj. 18-04)
  • SW 34th Ave. SW 32nd Ave. to SR 200 (Proj. 18-10)
  • SE 8th St. - SE 36th Ave. to SE 41st Ave. (Proj. 18-07)
  • NW 1st Ave. - NW 20th St. to NW 28th St. (Proj. 18-08)
  • Double Micro NE 8th Ave. - SR 40 to NE 14th St. (Proj. 18-12)
  • NE Watula - SR 40 to NE 3rd St.