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A Water & Sewer rate increase of 1.5% was approved at the City Council meeting in City Council Chambers on April 21, 2015.

 The rate increase became effective on

JANUARY 1, 2019

This rate increase will cost the average residential user of 6,000 gallons about $0.81 per month. Sign-up for paperless billing and/or pay online by clicking HERE. Our kiosks ae free for cash or check payments at any location.


Welcome to the Maintenance Division of Water Resources!

This division is responsible for the maintenance of all City of Ocala drinking water and wastewater infrastructures. Whether it is pipe systems, lift stations, fire hydrants, treatment plants, and other related structures, we make sure it operates efficiently and accurately! Our Maintenance Crews are the faces that you see around Ocala everyday!

Ever wonder why fire hydrants get flushed?

Check out the informational sheet titled

"Why Do Fire Hydrants Get Flushed?"

located in our Documents to learn more!

Need to Report Issues in Your Neighborhood?

Submit a Service Request below!

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