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How to Report a Power Outage

Severe Weather Preparation

How to report a power outage

Sign up for Power Outage Notification

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Aren’t all utilities the same?

  • What is the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)?

  • How can I get an audit?

  • Who is Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA)?

  • Why does my electric bills seem so high?

  • What makes up the electric rate I see?

  • Who makes the decision on what my rates will be?

  • How does OEU handle vegetation management?

Severe Weather Preparedness

Hurricane awareness and preparation can reduce the damaging effects of a hurricane. Storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents are all types of hurricane hazards. Know your risks and what actions you should take. It is essential that your family is ready before, during, and after a storm approaches.

Hurricane Preparedness Video
Planting Guidelines
Storm Preparation Booklet
The Power of Mutual Aid