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  • How can I find available property or rental space?
  • What types of businesses are eligible for City incentives?
  • My business isn’t in the city of Ocala; can you assist me?
  • Does the City support Brownfields development?
  • What economic development business incentives are available?
  • How do I get Community Program assistance?
  • What services does Community Programs offer?
  • Does the City offer rental assistance?
  • I don't live in the city of Ocala; can I receive Community Programs assistance?
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Melanie Gaboardi, MBA


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The Community Development Services department manages a broad range of initiatives that are intended to promote quality of place and increase Ocala's standing as an economic hub. From information on available infrastructure, fees, financial incentives and taxes, to simply cutting through red tape, Community Development Services has the resources to provide you with the answers you need.

Our Economic Development division can arrange financial incentives and provide contract management, as well as Brownfield redevelopment resources.

The Community Development division manages Federal and State funds and improvement grants.

The Office of Homeless Prevention works to assist homeless persons in securing services they need.  


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    Railroad crossings at NE 35th Street and NE 36th Avenue are closed for maintenance from Wednesday, August 21 to Tuesday, August 27. These closures are interrupting service and creating delays on our Green and Yellow routes. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call 352-401-6999 for assistance.


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