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Brian Herrick
Stormwater Manager

1805 NE 30th Ave., Building 300
Ocala, Florida 34470

Phone: 352-351-6733

Mission Statement

To protect public health in the City by larviciding known breeding areas and controlling adult mosquito problems.



The City is responsible for the treatment and monitoring of standing water in street catch basins, subdivision drains, roadside ditches, retention areas, ravines, and other City right-of-ways where mosquitoes might breed.



Over the last ten years, the City of Ocala has contracted with Clarke Mosquito Company for their services. We currently take mosquito complaints from residents and create work orders. The work orders are organized so that we may benefit the most residents at the time of spraying. Approximate spraying time is done after 6 p.m. to achieve maximum effect. Spraying to control adult mosquitoes is achieved by an ultra low volume (ULV) application sprayed from a moving vehicle (truck) on City streets.

To further control the spread of mosquitoes before they reach the adult stage, the City's Stormwater Division starts treating ponds, retention areas and ditches that hold water in April each year. This treatment is called larviciding and consists of dispersing BTI briquettes which will dissolve in the water and provide up to 180 days of mosquito control.

Residents can help by not having any standing water in their yards from old containers, vacant pools, and old tires. Any body of water or wet marshy area can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes, even a birdbath. 

Mosquito Control
Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why don't you do all your spraying operations by air, instead of using trucks?

  • Why do you spray for mosquitoes when I am out taking my evening walk?

  • Why do we spend so much money on mosquito control instead of letting nature take care of the problem?

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