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Noise Abatement Procedures

Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures

The following measures are recommended practices to reduce sound levels in the vicinity of Ocala International Airport. These procedures should be used only when practical; in all cases safety and air traffic control instructions take precedence:

  • RWY 36 preferred during calm wind conditions.
  • Preferred straight out departure on RWY 36, turns should not be initiated until passing RWY 18 threshold.
  • Preferred straight out departure on RWY 18, no turns until reaching 800’ AGL or RWY 36 threshold. Maintenance runups should not be conducted between 10pm and 7am daily. Avoid residential areas, 2 ¾ miles northeast, 2 miles southeast, and 3 miles south of airport.

General Guidelines:

  • Avoid high RPM settings.
  • Make power setting changes slowly.
  • Maintain synchronized propellers and engines.
  • Minimize use of reverse thrust.
  • Use best rate of climb.
  • Use thrust reduction techniques.

Consult the following documents: