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To reserve any facility other than a pavilion, complete the rental application form below and return it to the Ocala Recreation and Parks Administration office at 828 NE Eighth Ave or emailed to Mary Keck at

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Facility Rental Rules and Standards

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Facilities Available to Rent


Lillian F. Bryant Community Center

2200 NW 17 Pl. | 352.368.5540

Lillian Bryant Community Center room available to be rented
Includes tables and chairs to seat 120 people and full use of kitchen.
There is a two-hour minimum for rentals Mondays through Fridays and a four-hour minimum for rentals Saturdays and Sundays.

General public                        $  35 / hour

Non-profit organization       $  17.50 / hour

Damage deposit                    $ 100

On-site staff fee                      $  15 / hour

Aquatic FUN Centers


Hampton | 255 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Jervey Gantt | 2390 SE 36 Ave.

Jervey Gantt pool available to rent for parties and occasions

There is a two-hour minimum for rentals late May through August on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 6 p.m.

General public                    $ 100 / hour

Non-profit organization   $  50 / per hour

Damage deposit                $ 100

Lifeguard fee                       $  15

Table rental                          $  15 / per table / session with a maximum of four tables


E.D. Croskey Recreation Center Gymnasium

1510 NW Fourth St. | 352.368.5540

E.D. Croskey gymnasium is available to rent for parties and special occasions

Includes tables and chairs to seat 120 people and kitchen is available. There is a four-hour minimum for rentals on Saturdays and Sundays.

General public                    $  50 / per hour

Non-profit organization   $  25 / per hour

Damage deposit                $ 100

On-site staff fee                  $  15 / per hour


Tuscawilla Park Group Pavilion


Tuscawilla Park Large Group Pavilion is available for rent

Prime location to Tuscawilla playground and has a capacity of 100 people.  Includes: 10 tables (60" round), 80 chairs, a gas grill (renter must provide propane tank and food prep area), electric and private restrooms.


           General public                  $ 100 four hours or less and 

                                                         $  25 / hour over four hours

Non-profit organization  $  50 four hours or less and

                                                         $  12.50 / hour over four hours 

Damage deposit                $  50


Citywide Large Pavilions


Jervey Gantt Recreation Complex east | 2200 SE 36 Ave.

Lillian F. Bryant Park | 2200 NW 17 Pl.Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Complex | 1510 NW Fourth St.

 Jervey Gantt park pavilion available to rentLillian Bryant Pavilion available to rentWebb Field Pavilion available to rent 

All pavilions have a capacity of 100 people.  Water and electricity not provided.

General public                    $ 40 four hours or less and                                                       

                                                $ 75 over four hours

Non-profit organization   $ 17.50 four hours or less and

                                                $ 30 over four hours


Citywide Small Pavilions


Jervey Gantt Recreation Complex west | 2200 SE 36 Ave. | Capacity:  48 people

Lillian F. Bryant Park | 2200 NW 17 Pl. | Capacity:  30 people

Scott Springs Park | 2825 SW 24 Ave. | Capacity:  30 people

Tuscawilla Park | 800 NE Sanchez Ave. | Capacity:  30 people 

Small Jervey Gantt pavilion available to rentSmall Lillian Bryant Park Pavilion available to rentSmall Scott Springs pavilion available to rentSmall Tuscawilla Park Pavilion available to rent

No water or electricity provided.

General public                    $ 25 four hours or less and

                                                $ 40 over four hours

Non-profit organization   $ 10 four hours or less and

                                                $ 20 over four hours


Citywide Athletic Fields


Jervey Gantt Recreation Complex softball field | 2200 SE 36 Ave.

Lillian F. Bryant Park softball field | 2200 NW 17 Pl. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Complex | 1510 NW Fourth St.

*  Gehrig baseball field

*  Pinkey Woodbury baseball field

*  Webb Field

Tuscawilla Park baseball field | 800 NE Sanchez Ave.

jervey gantt softball field can be rented for events and tournaments








MLK Recreation Complex – Gehrig Baseball Field can be rented for events and tournaments 







Webb Field is available for events and tournaments 

Tournaments and concessions are to be negotiated per event and approved by the recreation and parks director.  All of the above athletic fields have lighting available.

General public                                          $   10 / hour without lights and

                                                                      $   15 / hour with lights

Registered youth sports team             $    5 / hour or $300 /year for two practices /week

Baseball/softball field lining                 $  50

Football/soccer/lacrosse field lining   $ 150


Ocala Regional Sportsplex

3500 SW 67 Ave.

Contact Steve Dixon at 352.368.5517

Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball

 Ocala Regional Sportsplex is available to rent

Tournaments and concessions are to be negotiated per event and approved by the recreation and parks director.

General public                                        $ 10/ hour without lights and

                                                                    $ 15 / hour with lights

Registered youth sports team            $  5 /hour or $300/year for two practices/week

Baseball / softball field lining              $   50

Football/soccer/lacrosse field lining  $ 150


* Pricing does not include tax or administrative fees for all facilities listed above.