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ADA Plan

The FY20 project includes sidewalk installation at Fort King National Historic Landmark, Jervey Gant Recreation Complex, Martin Luther King Recreation Complex and Prosser Park.   

Downtown Amenity Replacement and Planters

Tables and benches have been selected.  Staff will issue contract and purchase order.  Planters quote has been approved and purchase orders have been submitted.  

Fort King National Historic Landmark

  • Blacksmith Shop.  A Blacksmith Shop will be built outside of the existing Fort location.  The Fort King Heritage Association has agreed to fund the archaeology work and entered into a contract for same.  Archaeology work underway.
  • East Lot Preparation.  The east lot is being readied for future development and potential short term use as overflow parking for events.  Survey complete.  Engineering provided topography/elevations plan and design for demolition and grading work.  
  • Interpretive Signage.  This project is funded through a grant from the Division of Historical Resources.  Approved exterior designed signs sent to state for review and approval.  Finalizing interior sign designs.  Installation to be complete before the end of June.   

Project to update and upgrade interpretive signage at the site and inside the Fort. Grant for Division of Historical Resources submitted.   The Florida DHR grant panel review meeting was held. Notification from state of grant award. Grant agreement submitted for legal review. Agreement and Budget Resolution to go to council on August 20

This project will be to build a blacksmith shop outside of the existing Fort location.  Grant for Division of Historical Resources submitted.  The Florida DHR grant panel review meeting was held September 5 and 6.   Notification received from the state that Grant was NOT funded.   Staff to work with FKHA on funding alternatives. 

Multipurpose Community Center.  Architect selected and design is underway.  Preliminary cost estimates and FF&E listing received and to be reviewed by staff. 

Parks Operations Locker Room Renovation.  This project includes converting an existing storage room into a multi-stall restroom/locker room.  Substantial completion.  Waiting on contractor to provide as-builts and any warranty information to close out the project. 

Recreation and Parks Master Plan Update.  Evaluation report for progress on master plan goals underway.  List of goals complete.  Currently working on narrative report on each goal and updating LOS for each district.

Scott Springs Trail Extension.  This project includes the trail extension to the east on Cala Hills property and an extension to the west to connect to the sidewalks on the adjacent road.  Survey has revised the legal description and sketch for the easement needed from the Cala Hills group.   Staff to move forward with Scott Springs connector trail on west side of property.  Quote received.  Staff to complete requisition and schedule work.   

Tuscawilla Skatepark Lighting and Restroom Design.  Met with architect about restroom design.  Lights were installed in March, but the wrong tenons were sent by the manufacturer.  New tenon adapters received and installed.  T&D, Facilities and contractors working on making final connections. 

Tuscawilla Art Park Restrooms.  Restroom location has been decided.  Architect proposal received and being processed.  Staff trying to find as-builts for art park electrical. 

Public Art Projects.

  • Brick City Southern Kitchen.  Plans to install mural on north side of building facing State Road 40 has been placed on hold.  Donor pulled out of this project, so the project is not currently funded. 
  • Customer Service Center.  Project complete.  Artist working on augmented reality approval through Google and Apple to close it out.
  • E.D. Croskey Recreation Center.  Public art inside in the form of sound panels.  South Panel fabrications in progress.  Installation projected to be complete in May.
  • E.D. Croskey Recreation Center.  Staff is working with an artist on a concept for the west side façade.  Artist to meet with stakeholders to discuss concepts in August/September.  Waiting on Planning to update the renderings with latest direction on mural.
  • Heritage Nature Conservancy Trail.  Waiting on direction from Growth Management before engaging an artist. 
  • Marion Cultural Alliance.  Concept approved and in place for living art piece, artist and underway for other partners.  Notice to Proceed on hold due to COVID-19.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. First Responder Campus.  All contracts in place.  Staff waiting to issue Notice to Proceed when the project timelines are more certain.
  • Marion Theatre Pocket Park.  Incorporation of infrastructure public art element for park.  On hold pending further direction.
  • Ocala/Marion County Visitor and Convention Bureau.  Mural on façade facing State Rod 40.  Working with Ocala/Marion County Visitor and Convention Bureau on concepts.
  • Ocala Skatepark Underpass.  Installation of a mural on the underpass north of the skatepark.  FDOT has approved.  Pending resolution by Council.
  • Osceola Trak.  Installation of mural along the Osceola Trak.  Seminole Feed Store has indicated they support this mural to replace the Hense mural that has exceeded it's life and needs to be replaced. 
  • Red Ball Project.  Staff is working to secure sponsorships, identify potential locations and timing for this traveling art exhibit given COVID-19 restrictions.