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ADA Plan

The FY19 project includes sidewalk installation at Highlands East, Highlands West, Walker Park, Jervey Gantt, Lamb and Nature park. Construction on Highlands East and Highlands West to be complete by end of December.

Aquatic Center Renovations (Jervey Gantt & Hampton pools)

This project includes interior and exterior renovations to both pools including replacement tile, re-martciting and deck repairs.  Bids received. Selection Committee meeting to be held on December 20. 

Coleman Center Improvements

This project includes renovation of the building and construction of a new parking lot to accommodate programs as well as address ADA issues. Parking lot design complete working on scheduling construction. Pre-construction meeting was held on November 20th. Meetings held with American Legion and Bridge Club on November 29th to work through contract issues. Staff to submit requested contract revisions for legal review.

Community Cultural Arts Plan

Review of Phase II and III underway. Plan to be completed by end of December and Council workshop to be held on January 15th.

Downtown Tree Replacements

Plan for replacement for dead and/or declining trees in the Central Business District.   Trees on SE 1st Avenue removed from 2nd street to Broadway. New installation to begin December/January.

E.D. Croskey Center Fitness Center

This project will convert the existing meeting room at the E.D. Croskey Recreation Center into a fitness room.  Contract out for final signatures.

Fisher Park Play Equipment Replacement

Replacement of existing play structure. Equipment has been ordered.

Fort King National Historic Landmark Fort Reconstruction, Creek Restoration, Driveway, East Lot Prep, Visitor Center Upgrades, Interpretive Signage and Blacksmith Shop

Phase I construction complete.  Siding on block houses complete. Electric install complete.  Lighting under walkways to be installed in December.  ADA sidewalk installation on hold until driveway improvements are complete. 

Restore ditch and seep spring to its natural state.  Ditch repairs and re-planting complete. Volunteer group planted 1000 native ferns. Restoration is holding up nicely. Pond portion of project on hold until January after the rainy season and when the pond's water level has returned to normal.

Reconstruction of existing driveway. Quote received from contractor.  This work is scheduled to begin in January 2019.  

This project will ready the east lot site for future development and potential short term use as overflow parking for events at Fort King NHL.  Survey complete.  Engineering provided topo/elevations plan. Engineering to complete design for demolition and grading work by January 2019.  

Upgrades to the existing visitor's centers displays to provide a better experience for users. Mannequin platform and enclosure is 95% complete.   Staff is working on plans for a wooden wall around the cannon. Additional upgrades to happen when park is closed for the driveway construction.

Project to update and upgrade interpretive signage at the site and inside the Fort. Grant for Division of Historical Resources submitted.   The Florida DHR grant panel review meeting was held. Staff researching and will be preparing verbiage for signs.

This project will be to build a blacksmith shop outside of the existing Fort location.  Grant for Division of Historical Resources submitted.  The Florida DHR grant panel review meeting was held September 5 and 6. 

Jervey Gantt Softball Field Improvements

This project is to renovate the softball field including field improvements, fencing, dugouts, shade structure and ADA accessible bleachers and plaza. Shade structure is complete.  Waiting for lights to be installed before fence goes in. 

Lillian Bryant Community Center Improvements

This project includes design services for ADA restrooms, kitchen renovation, storage improvements and kitchen upgrades scheduled for FY 20.  100% plans complete. Final design meeting scheduled for December 11.

Magnolia Relief Sculpture

Final design is complete and sculpture is in fabrication. Installation scheduled for Summer 2019.

MLK Recreation Complex/Jervey Gantt Sports Lighting (Football & Softball)

This project includes installation of new lighting at the MLK Rec Complex on the  football field and at Jervey Gantt softball field.  Jervey Gantt underground work complete, service installed.  MLK bollards received, service panel complete.  Light poles delivered, fixtures have shipped. Fixtures to be installed on the poles, then the poles will be set.

Multipurpose Community Center Feasibility Study

This project is for the conceptual design and planning services for a multipurpose community center in west Ocala.  Community input process complete; first presentation to Council complete. Consultant working  on concepts for MLK and Royal Oak sites.  Next Council workshop scheduled for January 15. 

Ocala Golf Club On-Course Restrooms (Back Nine)

This project involves renovation of the restrooms on the back nine of the golf course. Pre-Construction meeting scheduled for December 13.  Construction to start beginning of January 2019.

Parks Operations Locker Room/Renovation

This project includes converting an existing storage room located at the Parks Operations Center into a multi-stall restroom/locker room.  Initial design meeting scheduled for December 11 with Architect.

Park Sign Replacement Program

Digital signs for Tuscawilla, MLK and Jervey Gantt complete and functional. Small park signs are in production. Park rule signs have been ordered and are in production. Final design for Clyatt park digital sign complete and ordered. Staff is also working on FY 2019 sign order.

Recreation and Parks Master Plan Update

Evaluation report for progress on master plan goals underway.  List of goals complete.  Currently working on narrative report on each goal and updating LOS for each district.

Rotary Arbor

Final touches underway. Sidewalks to Arbor to be completed by projects crew mid-December.

Scott Springs Trail Extension

This project includes the trail extension to the east on Cala Hills property and an extension to the west to connect to the sidewalks on the adjacent road.  Survey has revised the legal description and sketch for the easement needed from the Cala Hills group.   Design meeting held  October 9. Engineering working on west connector design. Design to be complete end of January.

Ocala Skatepark

Design for Phase IA of the project complete.  Construction information signs installed. Final plans review/pre-construction meeting set for December 12.  Ground Breaking scheduled for December 12 at 4:00 pm.

Train Station/MAX Renovations

Agreements with MAX and the contractor have been approved by Council and are fully executed.   Under construction and ahead of schedule. Sinks installed and lighting installation in progress. Modulars to be installed upon approval by contract.


Tuscawilla Park Master Plan

In spring 2014, City Council adopted the Tuscawilla Park Master Plan. As the "central park" of Ocala and a hub of cultural and active recreation, a master plan helps to provide guidance in management and development of the park. Review the Tuscawilla Park Master Plan.


Recreation and Parks Master Plan

In December 2010, City Council adopted the Recreation and Parks Master Plan to guide department provision of services and planning for future improvements to meet the community's needs. Review the Recreation and Parks Master Plan.

Recreation, Open Space and Cultural Arts Element of the Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan provides goals for meeting future planning objectives to ensure that community needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Review the Recreation, Open Space and Cultural Arts Element.