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General Aviation Terminal Project COMPLETE!

 New GA Terminal Completed and Ready for Business

Construction has completed on the new Ocala International Airport General Aviation Terminal located at 1770 SW 60th Ave.  The new terminal building is now open. 

Rental Car Pick-up and Return at the New GA Terminal

As a reminder, rental car customers must park in designated rental agency parking spaces when picking up or dropping off rental vehicles. Unattended vehicles parked in Tow-away zones or non-designated spaces will be towed at owner or renter's expense.  The covered entrance and traffic lanes in front of the terminal building are for passenger pickup or drop off only.  Overnight parking of privately owned vehicles is prohibited and violator's vehicles will also be towed at owner's expense. 


The previous Ocala International Airport Terminal was built in the 1960’s and served its purpose well. In order to better serve the Airport's tenants, the public and the City, a grant was obtained from the Florida Department of Transportation to design and build a new General Aviation Terminal. Funding was also matched by the Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Sheltair Aviation.

On Feb, 28, 2017, three workshops, or public meetings, were held at the Sheltair Aviation Conference Room at the Airport. The goal of these workshops was to gain information on the Airport’s needs, concerns and priorities in regards to the design of a new Airport Terminal. The meeting also gave information on the architectural design, program and elements of the proposed Ocala International Airport’s new General Aviation Airport Terminal. Input received within the meetings was taken into consideration when designing the new General Aviation Airport Terminal.

The new 17,500 square foot General Aviation Terminal includes office space for the Airport’s Fixed Base Operator Sheltair Aviation, Airport Administration, a restaurant, meeting space, car rental companies, as well as additional office space for future tenants.  Construction on the new terminal began in fall 2018, and was completed in early 2020.. 


Ocala Terminal Design Charrette Executive Summary