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Your Toilet is Not a Trash Can

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Toilet Trash Monster

Somebody has to clean that up!

All non-biological materials that are flushed down your toilet clog up the sanitary sewer system. This leads to backups and overflows. These items combine with the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) that get disposed of down drains, and create a FATBERG! A fatberg is a congealed mass that aggressively clogs up pipes, lift stations, and water reclamation facilities. Multiple times a week city lift stations need to be pumped out or manually unclogged to prevent overflows due to FATBERGS! 

Only flush the 3 p's

Pee | Poo | Toilet Paper


- "Flushable" wipes (Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, etc.)

- Facial tissue

- Paper towels

- First-aid supplies

- Latex gloves

- Dental floss

- Cotton swabs

- HairFATBERG Monster

- Diapers

- Slime

- Feminine hygiene products

- Toys

- Contraceptives

- Product packaging

- Cat litter

- Toothpaste tubes

- Contact lenses

- Washcloths and towels

- AND anything that isn't the three P's