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Protect your Pipes

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Grease MonsterDon't FOG Up Your Drain

Be careful how you decide to clean your dishes and pots and pans. Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) travel down your pipes and collect on the pipe walls. Over time, this will restrict and even cease water flows. Outside of your house, FOG also stockpile in the collection system and lift stations, causing odors and overflows.

Fats - Solid at room temperature.

ex: butter, cheese, peanut butter, sour cream

Oils - Liquid at room temperature. 

ex: salad dressings and various cooking oils

Grease - Turns into a liquid during cooking, solidifies when cooled. 

ex: gravy, mayonnaise, melted meat fat. 

How do I dispose of FOG?

- Collect your FOG in disposable containers. You can keep the container in your freezer until it is full to reduce waste.

- Wipe off and out plates and utensils with a paper towel before washing.

 Do NOT pour FOG down the drain and "chase" with hot or boiling water. This does not get rid of FOG, it just moves the FOG further down your pipes. Using excessive amounts of dish soap does not dispose of FOG either. This only helps transport FOG further down your pipes.