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Water Treatment Plant

Updated on 10/31/2019 8:54 AM

This album shows pictures of the City of Ocala's Water Treatment Plant Facilities and Operations

  • CoolCritters
    Cool Critters

    This album shows "Cool Critters" that might be seen in the Wetland Groundwater Recharge Park!

    Contains 11 Photo(s)

  • City of Ocala Water Treatment Plant
    Water Treatment Plant

    This album shows pictures of the City of Ocala's Water Treatment Plant Facilities and Operations

    Contains 14 Photo(s)

 The Ocala Wetland Recharge Park allows the City of Ocala to efficiently use its water resources. By developing this park, the City of Ocala will create a wetland ecosystem, improve water quality, and boost regional groundwater supplies. This project will include rapid infiltration basins that will replenish the Floridan Aquifer faster than current natural rates.

Anticipated opening is Spring 2020

We held our Groundbreaking Ceremony on June 6, 2018

  Proposed map of the Wetland Groundwater Recharge Park

The project site is a 60-acre, City-owned parcel located next to the Pine Oaks Golf Course. This area already contains oak canopies, lined irrigation ponds, trails, and grassy fairways. The Ocala Wetland Recharge Park will preserve existing oak canopy, transform the ponds into deep marshes, and convert the fairways to wetlands. Additionally, a pavilion, boardwalks, trails, and wildlife overlooks will be constructed throughout the park. Above is a conceptual drawing of the recharge park.

 Check out the project timeline below:**

   First, the city will draw up the initial design for the park. Then we will finalize the design and obtain the proper permits. In winter of 2017, we will secure supplemental grant funding and begin construction of the park sometime in 2018. The park is set to open in fall of 2019.

**All of the dates are best estimates and are subject to change

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