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grit participant lifting a large log
lady in wheelchair doing hercules hold challenge
three men pulling barrell rope challenge
female participants in log challenge
grit participant lifting a small log

GRIT Strength Challenge

The GRIT Strength Challenge is a team-based strength & fitness challenge utilizing primitive objects that were available during the Florida Seminole War period of 1817 through 1858. Think of it as a combination of strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit with logs and barrels! 

This event is a unique competition designed for all fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Three-person teams will be challenged to move objects over distances similar to what would have been used during the 1800’s: logs, barrels, sandbags and more will be used to test your team. If you enjoy unusual challenges, this event is for you!

Partnered with Crossfit Iron Legion, the GRIT Strength Challenge is a fundraiser, 50% of the proceeds will go towards special projects and programming at Fort King. These projects and programs will provide opportunities for our community to connect on a deeper level to the park. Projects will include support for the time-period Heritage Garden, youth programming, and forming a Fort King Garrison. Thank you for being a part of GRIT and supporting Fort King National Historic Landmark!