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A Step Back in Time - Audio Tour


The links below will take you to an audio tour of the Fort King Site. The Fort King audio tour is intended to help park visitors take "a step back in time" as they move through the park.  It can also serve as a valuable resource on the story of Fort King for those who are not able to visit the site.

If you start with the first link, you can progress through the whole series of informational "stops" by choosing the next arrow at the top of the page. If you prefer to skip to a particular subject, you can do that by clicking on the appropriate link below.


Welcome to Fort King

The Fort King Living History Trail

Fort King


Down by the Sea

The Great Forest

The Ocali

The Seminoles

The Blacks

Bison Trails and Wagon Roads

Moultrie Creek

Fort King Creek

The Settlers

The Seep Spring

The Indian Agency

The Sutler

The U.S. Army on the Frontier

Do Not Sell Your Cattle

Saving Fort King

December 28, 1835

Under Siege

HQ, U.S. Army of the South

Rise of the Phoenix

The Last Pine Tree

Requiem of a Hill Top

Visitors' Center Information