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2018 Winners

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"Perfect Place No. 1" by Bonnie Healan

Bonnie Healan

High School Division

(Ages: 16 - 18)


First Place - "Pie" by Quinn Piestrup




Second Place - "Freedom Ride" by Grayson Sutter

greyson sutter



Third Place - "Florida Mangrove Snapper" by Ethan Smith

Fish - Ethan Smith



Young Adult Division

(Ages: 18 - 24)


First Place - "Mirror-cle Nation" by Mary Massucci




Second Place - "Buzzy Blossoms" by Courtney Jenkins

Courtney Jenkins



Third Place - "Together as One" by Daniel Santiago

Daniel Santiago



Adult Division

(Ages 25 - 30)


First Place - "The Bond of Trust" by Ali Graves

The Bond of Trust


Second Place - "New Life" by Vinny Perez

Vinny Perez Sculpture


Third Place - "03.03.18" by Larry Maxwell

Larry Maxwell