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Additional Business Services

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Additional Business Services Offered

Ocala Fiber Network provides additional business services such as:

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Service, Dark Fiber Services and Co-Location Services. You can read more about each of these services below.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Service – Remote and Private!
If your business has multiple locations, our MAN connections allow you to connect remote sites together on a private network as if they were all located in the same building. We provide free basic setup and installation. Call (352) 401-6900 for further information.

Dark Fiber Service – Fast and Secure!
Our Dark Fiber Service allows your business to transport large amounts of data securely at high speeds. With this service, the customer supplies the electronics and Ocala Fiber Network provides the fiber path. We provide free basic setup and installation. Call (352) 401-6900 for rates and information.

Co-Location Services – Around-the-Clock Access!
Need an offsite location to house your equipment? Our SOC 2 Type 1 Certified Network Operations Center (NOC) provides you with physical security, climate control, rack space and power. Our NOC is badge-coded with your credentials for 24-7 access. Call (352) 401-6900 for rates and information.


For more information, please contact the City of Ocala Telecommunications Department.

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