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Ocala's Solution for Customer File Sharing

City of Ocala's File Management Site will help you get the files you need. Please visit the Request Access Form in order to sign up to receive credentials for our site.

Our File Management Site uses a web file manager application for storing, managing and sharing files online through a web browser interface. This web file manager allows our customers to upload, download and organize any type of file with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface.

This web-based file management is a better alternative to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), as it offers extra features, such as; copying, moving, zipping, unzipping files and downloading multiple files at once. 

The City of Ocala webmaster has determined this software is the best solution to serve and share files over the internet with our customers. This ASP.NET file manager application is installed and runs on our web server, which means our customers will not have to install a third-party FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client or rely on Windows Explorer. This application provides a robust, secure and easy online file management for our customers who need to access City of Ocala files remotely, from anywhere, anytime.

To gain access:

  • You must have a legitimate reason for access.
  • All access requests will be verified by the department you are working with.
  • Once you have your user name and password, please keep it in a safe place!
  • Your user name and password can be configured so you can access multiple department's files.