Am I Eligible for this Program?

To determine eligibility for this program, property owners need to fill out the form located in the "Documents Box" and bring it to the City of Ocala's Customer Service Center located at the following address to complete a Connection Eligibility Form:

201 SE 3rd St., 2nd Floor

Ocala, FL 34470

Once you fill out and turn in this form, you will be contacted by the City of Ocala's Water Resources Department to inform you if your property meets the requirements for eligibility or not. This process will take a least one week, if not longer, to determine.

In addition, eligible property owners will need to agree to the following conditions:

  1. Grant a Temporary Construction Easement (TCE) to allow contractors access onto your private property when necessary before, during and after construction is completed.
  2. Complete a City of Ocala application for City service; billing will not start until the connection is complete.

Who handles Septic Tank and Well Elimination construction?

City of Ocala Water Resources will manage all aspects of the construction process including connection to the City of Ocala's system, abandonment of the septic tank and/or well, and restoration of your property. Once construction is complete, the monthly charges for City of Ocala Water Resources city service will be added to your existing City of Ocala Municipal Services bill.

Where can I find additional information on this program?

You may contact a City of Ocala Water Resources Representative by phone at 352-629-8459. You may also come into the City of Ocala's Customer Service Center located at 201 SE 3rd St., 2nd Floor, Ocala, FL 34470

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Septic Tank & Well Elimination Program,

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