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The City of Ocala is committed to providing an efficient process for receiving, reviewing and issuing building permits. ePlans is available 24/7, wherever an internet connection is available.

ePlans allows licensed architects, engineers and permit expediters and contractors to create permit applications, submit architectural plans and related documents to the City for review, receive comments, check permit status, pay permit fees, and download approved plans and inspection forms from any device connected to the internet.

ePlans consists of two related systems: the Permitting Portal (eTrakit), where applicants apply for their permit online and pay fees, and ePlans (also known as ProjectDox), the City's online plan review system. Separate accounts and passwords are required to access each system. The user must provide the same email address for both accounts.

Getting Started

Step 1: Create a Permit Application in the Permitting Portal (eTrakit)

For any building permit that requires a plan review, the permit application may be created by a contractor or permit expediter. Complete the application in its entirety to ensure a timely invitation to ePlans. You may be asked to upload a paper application if all information is not completed. A permit technician will review your application, assess the submittal fee and send out the invitation to upload to ePlans. Please allow 48 hours for processing of your application.

NOTE: You may upload your plans/documents at any time after receiving your invitation, but the review is dependent on you completing your task and paying the submittal fee.

Access eTrakit here to apply and pay fees:

Step 2: Prepare your Files for Upload

Drawings and documents must be uploaded into the appropriate folders as detailed on the file standards. Inappropriate file names or orientation of files will delay the review of the application. See more on file standards: File Standards

Each drawing file needs to be digitally signed and sealed with the designer's name and a date and time stamp. If you need assistance to create a digital signature using Adobe, click this link.

Step 3: Task Acceptance and Upload

The applicant will receive an email invitation to upload drawings and documents to ePlans (first-time users will be prompted to complete their registration). The email will come from Do Not Reply OCFL. The user may upload drawings and documents prior to the submittal fee being paid, but payment must be made prior to the review process beginning. After uploading, the user must complete the task in ePlans in order to initiate the review by the City. Please note that your task page has a Resources Tab with links to the Payment Portal, City of Ocala, Property Appraiser, Municode, and the Florida Building Code. Task Acceptance and Upload

Step 4: Prescreen Review

After the initial upload, all permit applications receive an administrative review to ensure that submittal requirements are met. If documents are missing or incomplete, the user will be notified via a Prescreen Corrections task. Please refer to the Residential or Commercial checklists if you have questions about what is required.

Step 5: Departmental Reviews and Corrections

After verification that submittal requirements are met, the application will be routed for simultaneous review by plan examiners that specialize in different technical areas. The project/permit will also be reviewed by the Planning Department.

Step 6: Resubmit Task

If a reviewer has determined that plan corrections are needed, you will receive an Applicant Resubmit task. The review cycle will continue until all the requirements are satisfied. Applicant Resubmit Task

Step 7: Final Review

Once department reviews are complete, a final administrative review is done to ensure that the permit is ready to be priced, batch stamped and issued. The user will be notified by email that the permit is ready to be issued and will receive a Pay Fees email.

Step 8: Permit Fee Payment

The balance of the building permit/project must be paid prior to issuing the inspection form or downloading the approved plans. Online payments may be made through the Permitting Portal, or an authorized person may pay in person at the Building Department.

NOTE: If the contractor's information was not submitted as part of Step 1, please email a copy of the first and third page (contractor information and signature page) of the building permit application. Contractor signature must be notarized.

Step 9: Download Approved Plans/Documents

After payment is received, download all items from the Approved folder, printed to scale, and post on job site when work is occurring and during inspections. Downloading Approved Plans


All tasks must be completed on the applicant's side in order to move the process forward.

Once the task has been completed it cannot be removed, reversed, or deleted.

During the initial upload, applicants can delete files uploaded in error. Please email if a file is accidentally uploaded during subsequent reviews (please include the file name).

Applicants may add additional applicants or viewers from the initial task page (Task Acceptance/Upload).

Changemarks (comments made on the plans) can only be viewed on the drawings in the drawings folder after all reviews have been completed. Comments may be viewed via the Projectflow-Changemark, Checklist, and Department review status reports under the Project Reports tab.


Receive a temporary password to login - You will receive an email with the link to the ePlans portal and a temporary password to login after your application has been processed.

Computer Set Up - ePlans operates best on Internet Explorer. Other browsers will not support all of the functions available. Please ensure that pop-up blockers are turned off, add as a trusted site, and install the Projectdox components. See the User Requirements guide for detailed assistance with all browsers: User Requirements





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