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Downtown Ocala
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Downtown Development District

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Projects are undertaken to benefit the Downtown Development District. Funding has been used to create a more dynamic central core and enhance the visitor experience. The regularly held Farmer’s Market and First Friday Art Walk benefit from sponsorship. Holiday decorations and special activities, such as the Ferris Wheel, Snow Day, and skating rink, draw crowds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Marketing promotion, enhanced maintenance of public areas, and parking improvements are geared to making Downtown Ocala the place to be.


Registered Agent's Name Mr. Peter Lee
Registered Office Address

City of Ocala Growth Management Department, 201 SE 3rd St, Second Floor, Ocala, FL 34471

Telephone (352) 629-8404
Fax (352) 629-8242
Status Independent
Local Governing Authority City of Ocala
Function Downtown Development / Improvement
Date Established September 21, 1965
Creation Documents Chapter 67-1782, Laws of Florida
Statutory Authority Section 189.031, Florida Statutes
Governing Body City of Ocala
Authority to Issue Bonds Yes
Revenue Source Ad Valorem


Please view the map of the current boundaries of the Ocala Downtown Development District.


In 1965, property owners within the downtown development district petitioned the City to hold a referendum to authorize the creation of a downtown development commission pursuant to Chapter 65-1979, Special Acts, Laws of Florida, 1965. The referendum passed on August 17, 1965, and City Council adopted Ordinance No. 266 creating the Downtown Development Commission (DDC) on September 21,1965.

A City Charter amendment approved by referendum on October 15, 2013, pursuant to Section 166.031, Florida Statutes, deleted the DDC and Municipal District from the City Charter. Ordinance 2013-36 was adopted by City Council which adds the Municipal District to the City Code of Ordinances and allows it to continue under the same provisions as were included in the City Charter, but without the DDC. City Council approves all projects and funding for the Municipal District (a/k/a Downtown Development District).


The City Council serves as the board members for the Municipal District / Downtown Development District. Information on current City Council members can be found here:

City Council Members

Board members are subject to the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, adopted by the state legislature, which contains standards of ethical conduct and disclosures.

Information regarding the Code of Ethics