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Annual Report

Ocala Fire Rescue’s annual reports to the community shed light on the turning points which have helped shape us; moreover, they delve into current operations and paint a clear picture of the caliber of service provided. 

Serving Ocala for an excess of 133 years, Ocala Fire Rescue is a well-established pillar of the community, and as such has been forced to evolve with the times. This progression has catapulted what was once a re-active business into the realm of pro-active and preventative services. It is our pleasure to showcase what we, as a community, have achieved by way of annual reports.


2017 Annual Report to the Community

 2017 Annual Report to the community.


2016 Annual Report to the Community

2016 Annual Report to the community.


Complimentary copies of the last report published will be available at Ocala Fire Rescue's Administrative Office (3001 NE 21st St.), while supplies last.

Annual Report Annual Report