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Tree pruning for tall trees such as: Oak, Pine, Sycamore. Medium trees such as: Dogwood, Holly, and Saucer Magnolia. Small trees such as: Fringe Tree, Camelia, Chickasaw Plum


At Ocala Electric Utility, safety is our first priority! We encourage both customers and tree contractors to call before pruning trees near power lines for an onsite visit with the Arborist to determine the extent of assistance that may be needed to ensure that you can safely accomplish your work.

The visit and services are free of charge; services vary from a dropping the line to allow you to get the work done to cutting the tree down for you depending on the tree, line voltage, and proximity to the lines.

Typically, if a line cannot be dropped, the utility crew will cut enough to make the tree safe for a private contractor to complete the job leaving all wood and brush on site.

Trees are excellent conductors of electricity due to the moist cambium layer directly beneath the bark. Depending on conditions, it is possible to be electrocuted indirectly just by touching a tree or branch that is in contact with the power lines. Ocala Electric Utility is committed to maintaining our facilities in a manner that promotes the safety of our employees, contract employees, and our community.

Children climbing in trees that are touching power lines could potentially be electrocuted by indirect contact or by coming into contact with a live line. Please inspect the trees on your property carefully for potential conflicts and inform children of hazards. It is a good idea to prune off lower limbs trees growing near power lines, using proper pruning techniques to reduce access and discourage little climbers.

Proper utility pruning reduces hazards resulting from limbs making contact, or falling on lines which can cause them to break or sag to the ground. Downed lines can potentially cause fires and present a hazardous situation for unsuspecting motorist or pedestrians.

Never walk near or pick up a downed utility line; although it may not be sparking or buzzing it could still be energized and electrical current has the ability to radiate out from the point of contact with enough voltage to injure or kill a person or animal walking in the area. If you see a downed utility line please stay clear and call the Ocala Electric Utility Emergency number, (352) 351-6666, immediately!

All crews working on Ocala Electric Utility system are trained to recognize electrical hazards and have special training that meets OSHA 1910.269 safety standard and ANSI Z133.1 requirements.

Underground facilities are not always apparent, so it is very important to have them “located” before digging. Always call Sunshine State One Call @ 811 at least 3 days prior to digging to ensure that you do not make contact with underground power facilities or other utilities that may be buried beneath the ground, and always remember to plant the right tree in the right place taking into consideration above and below ground facilities, and the mature size of your tree.


Since trees are a leading cause of electric outages, one of the best ways to reduce power interruptions for customers is to maintain adequate clearance between trees and power lines by pruning on a regular basis. Pruning helps to ensure that your power stays on during gusty winds and thunderstorms and proper pruning techniques ensure tree health while helping us to provide reliable electrical service to you.

Trees that are too close to power lines can cause interruptions in service especially during weather with heavy rain, lightning, and high winds. In order to provide Ocala Electric Utility customers with reliable electrical service, and to comply with the National Electric Safety Code, we prune or remove trees that threaten to interfere.

Well-maintained rights-of-way allow for easier access during storm restoration. By maintaining access to our facilities for our vehicles and personnel, our crews are able to restore your power quickly while working safely. Please provide access to the facilities located on your property for routine maintenance to assist us in providing safe and reliable service to you and your neighbors.