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Pruning cycles are dependent on individual tree species growth rates, and the type of electric facilities in the area. Ocala Electric Utility maintains our system on an approximate three-year cycle, and also perform “hot-spot” pruning as required for species that outgrow the cycle. When we schedule pruning in your area that will involve trees on your property you will be contacted one of many possible ways: an arborist in-person, on the phone, or by door hanger; by written notification via mail, or by automated phone messaging except in the event of an emergency outage restoration.


Pruning requirements vary according to facility type, tree species, and line proximity. Ocala Electric Utility's goal during routine maintenance is to prune branches and remove trees that are growing into, or have the potential to grow or fall into, the lines before the next scheduled cycle and potentially interrupting your service.


These wires are more resistant to tree contact, and property owners are responsible for pruning to prevent trees from growing into these lines. Ocala Electric Utility tree crews will prune branches that are rubbing or pressing on these lines during routine maintenance work. Outside of the cycle property owners will be responsible, and Ocala Electric Utility will provide a “line drop for private tree work” service appointments are at your request to ensure that you can do so safely.

To schedule an appointment please call 352-351-6650 once you have arranged for a private arborist to do your work or have your tools ready to do the work yourself. You will need coordinate your appointment with your work schedule since your electricity will temporarily be turned off. Once you have completed your work call back for it to be restored. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete your job before 4:30pm to ensure that your service is restored the same day…we recommend scheduling early in the day! The service is at no cost to you Monday through Friday, and some appointments can be made as early as 8am to 4:30pm.


During routine maintenance all communication lines attached to Ocala Electric Utility poles will be cleared. However Ocala Electric Utility does not prune to clear these facilities upon request. If you are concerned about trees making contact with your cable or phone lines please call the associated company.