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Tree Pruning Request

If a tree or vine is interfering or posing a potential threat to power lines or electrical equipment you may submit a request by calling the customer service center at 352-629-2489.

Remember, never attempt prune any vegetation that is growing in or near power lines yourself. If you are planning to prune or remove a tree that is located within ten feet of the power line from the pole to your house please call 352-351-6650 and request a “Line Drop for Tree Work.”

Remember, Ocala Electric Utility is only responsible for Pruning vegetation around Utility electrical lines and equipment. The Utility will not Prune vegetation that does not pose threats to electrical lines and equipment.
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If you are currently without power or see a tree causing sparking or hazardous conditions call OUS immediately at 352-351-6666 or in an emergency 911.


Please Note: Upon submitting this form, an aborist will visit your location within 10 days to assess your request and provide feedback.

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