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Mulch Delivery Request

Ocala Electric Utility crews and contractors mulch limbs and trees after clearing power lines, and will deliver the chips free of charge when working in your area.

This type of mulch is different from store-bought mulch, which is treated and made from one kind of tree. The quality and consistency of the mulch offered by Ocala Electric Utility varies considerably depending on the types of trees and leaves removed during the tree work. This mulch is not recommended for aesthetic use.

Please Note:

  • The desired “drop spot” must be clearly marked. (i.e.: a flag, stick, paint, tarp, etc.) 
  • Also note, that delivery of mulch and related services are only provided for customers within our utility service territories.  All other requests will not be considered.

Ocala Electric Utility recommends using this mulch to: 

  • Maintain moisture around trees
  • Maintain soil temperature
  • Reduce weeds and grasses
  • Provide nutrients to the soil
  • Reduce wind erosion from uncovered soils

Important facts for requesting mulch:

  • Each truck load is approximately 15 cubic yards of loose unbagged mulch (equivalent to about 25 wheelbarrows or 130 bags of store-bought mulch)
  • If requesting delivery to a vacant lot (with no meter) proof of ownership must be provided.
    Ocala Electric Utility cannot provide a specific delivery date. If you have an immediate need for mulch, we suggest contacting a local tree contractor who may be able to accommodate you sooner.
  • Ocala Electric Utility cannot guarantee loads do not contain palm fronds or invasive species, although our crews do their best to keep the loads clean when planning to deliver to a customer.
  • Ocala Electric Utility is not responsible for any insects that may appear after delivery. (Fleas and ticks do not live in trees. If they appear after delivery they were most likely stirred up by the mulch not brought in with it.)
  • Ocala Electric Utility will not remove or relocate a load of mulch once it has been delivered.
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To request a mulch delivery please provide the following information
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