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Net metering is a service which credits our residential and commercial customers who are equipped with a renewable energy source.  This energy source adds additional electricity to the grid. Customers are billed for the amount of energy (In kilowatt hours kWh) delivered from the utility to their home or business and the utility will provide Renewable Generation Credit (RGC) for the energy received from the customers in excess of their usage.  This gives customers more control over their own electricity bill. 

Should there be any excess energy it is converted with an inverter turning direct current power from the renewable energy source into alternating current power allowing it to flow through the power line to the grid offsetting future electric cost.

The grid will continue to be used by our Net Metering customers.  They will need to rely on our system of poles, wires, substations, and other equipment to ensure power is supplied to their homes at night, when it’s cloudy, or when conditions require the need of additional power for the home or business. Net metering can help manage peak electricity loads, reduce the strain on distributions systems, and prevent long-distance transmission and distribution losses.


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