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  Today's Recommended Level of Conservation:

 Beat the Peak Proceed With Normal Conservation


“Beat the Peak” is a voluntary energy conservation program that encourages limited energy usage, especially during peak times.  Peak times are when Ocala Electric Utility is purchasing wholesale power at the highest prices.  By cutting back on the amount of wholesale power purchased during these peak, high-priced periods, Ocala Electric Utility can reduce its total wholesale power costs.  Reductions in wholesale power costs are passed through to the customers in the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). 

The demand for electricity in the winter months is greatest during extreme cold temperatures, especially between the peak periods of 7 a. m. - 10 a. m. and 7 p. m. – 10 p. m.  In the summer months during extreme hot temperatures, the peak period is from 2 p. m. – 6 p. m.

Save Money, Protect the Environment

We want to assure you that we have adequate energy resources to supply our community’s electricity needs. However, when it comes to electricity it is in everyone’s interest to use energy resources wisely.  We encourage our customers to examine their energy use and take steps to conserve on a regular basis.  At times of peak electricity use, it’s even more important to conserve.

First, there is the direct benefit to you the customer.  When you can reduce kilowatt usage, you reduce your energy costs. During extreme cold or hot weather, your heating and cooling systems will be running the most.  Anything you can do to reduce the run time on those systems will directly help reduce your energy costs.   

Second, reducing the peak electricity demand produces savings for Ocala Electric Utility, which benefit customers through lower electric rates. 

The third benefit has the double advantage of saving money and protecting the environment.  Utilities or power suppliers have to build new power plants when their customers’ peak electricity usage approaches the power generating capability.  By reducing the peak demand, we delay the need for a future power plant.  This saves money by postponing construction expenses, and it protects the environment by avoiding power plant emissions.

Watch for “Beat the Peak” Conservation Level 

 “Beat the Peak” conservation level appears on our website home page and in our Customer Service lobby.  The three levels of conservation activity are:  Green/Normal, Yellow/Elevated and Red/Significant.  Based on the projected electricity usage and the cost of producing electricity, an appropriate level of conservation will be recommended.  Just scroll down to the corresponding level that is displayed on our homepage, and view the recommended conservation measures.

There are savings to be had and even little steps, if everyone joins in, can make a big difference. 


Together we can Beat the Peak!


Conservation & Other Money Saving Tips