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Prepaid Service

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Prepaid Service

Take control of your bill with the new Prepaid Program. There are no deposits, no late fees, no disconnect fees and no reconnect fees. This program allows our customers to be aware of their energy usage. Customers can then make efforts to conserve energy, which equals saving money. Studies have shown that customers enrolled in this type of program can save up to 15% on their energy usage.

Customers must have electric service with Ocala Electric Utility in order to be eligible for prepaid service.

Getting started is easy!

To sign up for the program, a $50 service fee will be required for all new customers ($30 service fee for all returning customers) along with $50 toward your credit balance.

Existing customers can also enjoy our prepaid services by starting their account with just a $50 credit balance.  Current deposits can be applied towards the current bill and unbilled usage. If the account has any balances left over to be paid, it will be added to the prepaid account as Debt Recovery.

Debt Recovery: Behind on your payment? No problem!

Rolling your current balance into debt recovery allows you to pay it off a portion at a time.  Each time you make a payment towards your prepaid balance 30% of the payment will apply toward your debt recovery balance!

How will I be billed?

Prepaid accounts do not receive paper statements (i.e. bills) as this information will not be relevant to your prepaid account. Daily prepaid account history (i.e. usage, charges and payments) will be available at or by calling our automated system at 352-629-8216. The website will allow you to modify your notification settings. Customers are solely responsible for managing and updating the notification settings on prepaid accounts after signup. If your contact numbers are not current in the system, you will not receive notifications and service may be disconnected without further notice. Accounts will be reconciled monthly in the Ocala Electric Utility billing system and any adjustments (positive or negative) will be made at that time.

How can I monitor my account?

View your daily usage, account balance, payment history and more by visiting  This website displays the prior day’s energy usage and allows you to monitor your energy and water consumption 24/7. The data is detailed by the hour so customers can see exactly when they have used the most energy. There is also a MyUsage app for smart phones and an app through Facebook. Alerts can also be set up to inform you of your account status.

What are the different types of alerts?

  • Daily Balance
  • Daily Usage
  • High Usage
  • Missing Usage
  • Low balance
  • Recharge
  • Pending Disconnect
  • Disconnect
  • Reconnect

How does work with the Prepaid Program? is a communication tool. Once a month, at the end of your billing cycle, our billing system will reconcile with your prepaid account. You will see a minimal increase or decrease in your prepaid balance. If the difference of your billing system balance and your prepaid balance is more than $10, Ocala Electric Utility will be alerted. A customer service representative will investigate the reason for the difference and correct the account if needed.

What is the best way to avoid a low Prepaid balance?

Customers are encouraged to monitor their account balance. If your balance reaches $0, your services will be disconnected. Disconnects occur the day immediately following a $0 balance at 11:00 AM. For service restoration, please visit a MoneyGram or Fidelity Express location. MoneyGram is located at most CVS Pharmacy and Wal‐Mart locations (Receive Code: 8837). The best way to avoid disconnection is by setting a “low balance” alert and monitoring your balance. Also, make sure that you have the “pending disconnect” alert activated.

If I am disconnected, how much is owed to be reconnected?

A minimum payment of $15 plus the amount owed (including a percentage toward debt recovery if applicable) since reaching a $0 balance. The entire payment will go towards your account balance because there are no disconnect or reconnect fees involved.

When will my payment post to

It depends on the method used:

  • MoneyGram: Same business day (Code 8837)
  • Fidelity Express: Same business day
  • Phone: 352-629-2489 Next business day
  • Western Union: 2 business days
  • Online: Next business day
  • Payment Kiosks: Next business day

Is there a termination fee if I decide to go back to traditional billing?

The Prepaid Program has a mandatory 12-month agreement. At the end of 12 months, if you decide to switch to a traditional service, you will have to pay the required security deposit for a traditional account.


With the Prepaid program at Ocala Electric Utility, there are no deposits, no late fees, no disconnect fees, and no reconnect fees. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Fill     2. Use     3. Refill

Imagine you're pumping gas... You put gas in your car, and as you drive you use the gas you’ve purchased until it’s time to fill up again. The same principle applies to your municipal services bill. Put money into your account. As each day goes by you can monitor your usage until it’s time to “fill up again.” This payment method alleviates your traditionally large utility bill at the end of the month, and instead lets you pay in smaller, more manageable increments. “But what about that deposit I had to pay when I signed up for service?” you ask. Use it! Put it toward your account and use that money you would be putting toward the bill for something more gratifying! The beauty of prepaid is that you’re paying for your services up front, so deposits are no longer necessary.

Your time...

Worried about running on empty? One of the best features of this program is the ability to monitor your usage. allows you to chart the energy you use daily in a dollar amount so you see exactly where your money is going each day. OEU will send you email and/or text alerts when you’re getting low. Free Droid and iPhone mobile apps are also available for download, allowing you to view your account and usage in an instant on the go.

Your energy...

The goal of the Prepaid Program is to help you cut back. Use less. Spend less. In your efforts to save more money you’ll actually be saving energy too. The less you use, the more green you’ll become. The Prepaid Program gives you the freedom to have complete control over your bill, and turn that energy you use worrying into something more productive.