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Extensions - Our online payment extension offers qualifying customers the chance to extend the due date of their bills. Once the statement amount becomes past due, a payment extension may be granted to avoid service interruption. The customer MUST request a payment extension prior to the disconnection date.  Since adoption of new ordinance, customers will be allowed two payment extensions per calendar year. If you are unable to keep your extension as agreed you will be ineligible for an extension for a period of one year.

Explain My Bill - Depending on where your premise is located within our service territory you may be billed for one or more of the following services: Electric, Water, Sewer, Stormwater, Fire Services, Sanitation, and/or Fiber.  

Programs and Services

  • Prepaid Services - You could be saving up to 15% on your electric usage.
  • Medical Seal - Customers who require life-sustaining equipment should apply for a Medical Seal Designation, which alerts our employees of your critical need to have electrical service. The Medical Seal Program does not prevent service interruptions; therefore, we recommend that you maintain a battery back-up in case of a power outage.
  • Outdoor Lighting - Ocala Utility Services (OEU) will install a light fixture to brighten your little piece of the world. After the initial installation, we will handle maintenance and power all for one low monthly fee and our selection of our outdoor lights should fit just about any need.
  • Usage Monitoring - Available to all OEU customers for free, Usage Monitoring will show the details on a daily basis of your electric and water usage.