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Now that the storm has passed, what should you do?

  • Continue listening to local news channels and radios for any important announcements
  • If you or someone around you is severely injured, attempt to call 911 or wait for emergency personnel to locate you
  • Assess the damage of your home and property! Then take pictures or video of damaged property.
  • Contact family members to ensure safety
  • Avoid driving as roads may be blocked
  • Avoid any power lines that are down, even if they appear harmless
  • Do not try to wade through flooded areas!
  • Once safety is secured and flood waters recede, Gut out structures to eliminate possibility of mold
  • Keep records of your clean-up costs for insurance purposes 

Storms not only bring destruction, but also bring multiple health hazards!

Check out this video from The Weather Channel to learn more about health hazards after a storm:


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