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Ocala Historic Preservation Advisory Board

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Term Length

Three-year Term - unlimited number of Terms.


Assist City Council with all issues affecting the OcSurvey and inventory the historic resources of the City according to accepted practices and to develop and maintain a list of all resources researched for possible historic designation, issue certificates of appropriateness on proposed exterior changes to designated resources, advise on development of goals, objectives and policies for historic preservation and educate public on economic benefits of same.  The board shall make recommendations on any and all matters referred to it by City Council regarding the operation and management of the airport.


Nine members, three year term and appointed by City Council.  Members shall be qualified voters in the City and shall have the professional qualification standards as established under the Florida Certified Local Government Guidelines published by the Florida Department of State.  The balance of the board shall be persons who have demonstrated special interest, experience, or knowledge in history, architecture, or related disciplines and who are members of the following professions or meet the following criteria (to the extent such persons are available):  Registered real estate brokers, licensed attorneys, registered Florida landscape architects, licensed building contractors or general contractors, urban planning, American studies, American civilization, African American studies, cultural geography or cultural anthropology, persons with special interest, experience or knowledge in the history of African Americans in Marion County, Florida, residents in an existing or proposed national Register Historic District, interested owner of historic resources, or interested property owners whose land contains an archaeological site, persons belonging to the Historic Ocala Preservation Society or the Marion County Historic Society. 

Meeting Times

First Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm.

Administrative Supervisor

P : (352) 629-8287

201 SE 3rd St.
Ocala, FL 34471