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As an agency dedicated to maintaining the safety and well-being of this city, Ocala Fire Rescue is often summoned to the scene of a newsworthy event. On this page, you will find media releases and advisories pertaining to noteworthy fire and rescue calls, community outreach events, and more.

Florida Severe Weather Awareness Week: Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Post Date:01/24/2018

With large bodies of water, warm air and sea breeze boundaries providing a source of lift, it is no surprise that Florida experiences the greatest number of thunderstorms in the United States – taking place 75 to 105 days each year. These very conditions bring forth hazards like lightning, strong winds, heavy rains, and tornadoes. Though tornadoes typically last a few minutes, areas affected by its direct path could be exposed to winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

When it comes to tornadoes and thunderstorms seeking shelter, as soon as a warning is issued, is the best course of action. Get in, get down, and cover up!

Because not all shelter is created equal, use the following safety actions to identify a secure space.

  • Find a small, interior room on the lowest floor of your home.
  • Stay away from windows doors, and electrical equipment.
  • Avoid rooms near trees and power lines.
  • If you are in a mobile home, seek a storm shelter or strong building nearby.



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