Leadership Group


"To create an avenue of approach fueled by a unified community vision that provides a path to enhance Ocala's quality of life."

Origins: To obtain diverse community feedback and encourage public participation, the City invited a diverse group of 18 community members to participate on the Community Form & Design Visioning Leadership Group. In addition to bi-monthly meetings, the Leadership Group was responsible for attending and participating at City workshops, encouraging other citizens to actively participate and to make final recommendations on behalf of citizens to the City Council. In addition to engaging in interactive, educational sessions regarding the City’s current and future physical characteristics, the Leadership Group also evaluated all public comments and feedback received during public meetings and prepared the final recommendations and implementation strategies for presentation to the City of Ocala City Council.

Looking to the Future: Now that the Ocala 2035 Vision has been adopted by City Council (October 19, 2010), the Leadership Group has become the “Champions” of the Vision. It is now their responsibility to stay informed about current and proposed development within the City and surrounding area. The Leadership Group will meet on a monthly basis to discuss the proposed projects in relation to the adopted Vision and the implementation strategies. Their role as champions requires continued participation in the public process including attendance at public meetings, Planning and Zoning Commission meetings and City Council meetings to ensure that development is consistent with the adopted Vision.

All Leadership Group meetings are open to the public.

Leadership Group Meeting 


Leadership Group Membership 


Paolo Mastroserio
– Chair
Civil Engineering

Member of Notables ListTM 

Ausley, Ken
– Co-Chair, Urban Form and Public Spaces
Construction Industry
Banking Industry
Ambleside School of Ocala, Co-founder 


 Albright, Steve
– Co-Chair, Urban Form and Public Spaces
Property Appraisal Industry



 Sheilley, Kevin
 Co-Chair, Building and Site Design
Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership


Yandle, Clark
– Co-Chair, Mobility and Connectivity
North Magnolia Merchants’ Association
Business Owner 

Gill, Summer
United Way of Ocala
Junior League of Ocala
Emerging Leaders of Ocala
Citizens’ Academy Alumni – 2008 

 Roberts, Fred 

Attorney at Law
Board of Directors of the 
Boys and Girls Club of Marion County 

Haynes, Narvella   

Front Porch (housing)
SR40 Corridor, History & Education
Governors West Ocala Revitalization
YMCA Youth Programs  


Reed, Ruth 

SR40 Corridor, Chair
Environmental/Community Activist


  Dumond, Bob 

College of Central Florida
Landscape Profession

Martinez, Gilbert  


 Partin, Michelle  



    Ira Holmes
    Ocala Historic Advisory Board Member
    Grant McMahon
    Financial Planner
 Ed Plaster