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The city of ocala recently opened its new call center and introduced a local one-call service number:

Dial 911 for Emergencies

The call center and new number are designed to provide a quick and convenient tool for citizens to get in touch with city government.

By calling one number, citizens will be able to avail themselves of virtually any City of Ocala service. From reporting potholes to clarifying utility bill charges, citizens will be able to conduct business with a single call.

The calls go to the new call center where specially trained staff handle service requests and answer questions. Staff members have been training in various departments and are prepared to respond to a wide range of service requests. The center is located in the Citizen Service Center, 201 SE 3rd Street.

If callers still need to talk to someone in a particular office, they will be put right in touch.

The new number is not intended to be used for emergencies. In those cases, citizens still should call 911.

Barnes, CynthiaPublic Information Officer, Ocala Police DepartmentPublic Communication Office(352) 369-7131
Guinn, KentMayor of OcalaCity Council
Hilty, JamesCity Council MemberCity Council
Lopez, AshleyPublic Information Office, Ocala Fire RescuePublic Communication Office
Malever, BrentCity Council MemberCity Council
Musleh, JayCity Council MemberCity Council
Pope, JanieManager, Office Of Marketing And Public CommunicationPublic Communication Office(352) 401-3980
Rich, MaryCity Council MemebrCity Council
Wardell, MatthewCity Council MemberCity Council