Conserving Water is good for the environment AND saves you money!

It is much easier than you think! Here are some tips and tricks you can do to Conserve Water:

  • Monitor your Utility Bill by watching your water levels. If there is a dramatic increase from the previous month, then you may have a leak somewhere!
  • Turn off running water when you are not using it, such as: washing your face, brushing your teeth, and hand washing dishes. Only have your facet running when you need it!
  • Install a low-flow toilet (1.6 gal/flush)
  • Use leak detector tablets or food coloring to make sure your toilet isn't leaking (put the tablet or food coloring in the tank. DON'T Flush! Wait 15 minutes and if the color shows up in the bowl, then you have a leak) A leaky toilet can waste more than 200 gallons per day!
  • Wash your car in the grass with a bucket of soapy water, not a running hose. Only use the hose at the end to rinse everything off.
  • Use Florida Friendly Landscaping techniques in your yard. (Check out the Documents Box for more information)

Rain Barrels

Another great way to conserve water is by getting a rain barrel to maintain the watering of your outdoor plants. The city offers a limited amount of rain barrels throughout the year at a discounted rate. Stay tuned for the next availability dates! Want to make your own? Find instructions in the Documents Box.

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