Tree Preservation

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The City of Ocala recognizes that trees enhance the natural beauty of our community and the quality of life for residents of Ocala and Marion County, increase property values and improve our standard of living.

Canopy Roads
In order to provide additional protection of aesthetic resources within the City of Ocala, the following roadways are designated as canopy roads:

  • SE 5th Street from SE 11th Avenue to SE 15th Avenue
  • SE 11th Avenue from Fort King Street to SE 14th Street
  • SE 7th Street from SE 15th Terrace to SE 23rd Terrace
  • NE 3rd Street from NE 12th Avenue to NE 15th Avenue

All property within ten (10) feet of the outside right-of-way line of the above roadways shall be known as the Canopy Tree Protection Zone.

No person or agency shall cut, remove, trim or in any way damage any tree located within the Canopy Tree Protection Zone without obtaining a tree removal permit from the City of Ocala Department of Planning & Development's Building Division.  Please see Section 118-103 of the City's Tree Preservation Code for further information pertaining to canopy roads within the city limits.

In order to obtain a Tree Removal Permit, you must first fill out and submit a Tree Removal Permit Application to the Growth Management Department/Planning Division.  A staff member will review the application, conduct a field inspection of the tree(s) requested to be removed, and either approve or deny the tree removal request based on the City of Ocala's Tree Preservation Code.  This usually takes 3 working days, depending upon staff's workload.  Once the Tree Removal Permit Application has been either approved or denied, the applicant will be contacted.  If the application is approved, a licensed tree removal contractor will be able to pull the Tree Removal Permit from the Growth Management Department/One-Stop Permit Center. 

 Tree Removal Permit Application 

Urban and Community Forestry Data

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Street Tree Reports

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Tree Gap Analysis

 Downtown Canopy

Tuscawilla Park

SE 7th Street Canopy

SE 11th Ave Canopy