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Customer Service Office


201 SE 3rd Street
Ocala, FL  34471-2172

Phone:      (352) 629-2489

Fax:          (352) 629-1381

IVR:          (844) 286-1785


Trouble Line 


Report power outages, service interruptions, unsafe conditions, etc.

(352) 351-6666





About Us

Over 100 years ago the citizens and leaders of Ocala recognized the need for infrastructure to drive growth and development in the community. With a lack of electricity to provide the needed spark, they decided to take the power into their own hands and started what was then known as the Ocala Electric Utility. In the mid 1990’s the Telecommun- ications division was added to allow the citizens to continue driving the growth and development by providing a comprehensive network of fiber optics throughout the city.  And in 2008 the city’s water and sewer  department became part of what is now known as Ocala Utility Services ...  Read More