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Ocala Parks

Find the FUN in Our Southeast Locations!


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Anderson Park
SE 12th Street & SE 11th Avenue

Baseline Road Trailhead
(Marion County Park)
4255 SE 58th Avenue

Brick City Park
(Marion County Park)
1211 SE 22nd Road

Clyatt Park
1401 SE 17th Street

Fisher Park
900 SE 22nd Street

Fort King Tennis Center
3301 SE Ft. King Street

Jervey Gantt Recreation Complex - East
2200 SE 36th Avenue

Jervey Gantt Recreation Complex - West
(Jervey Gantt Aquatic FUN Center, Recycle Park and Millenium Dog Park)
2100 Block SE 32nd Avenue

Todd C. Prosser Park
SE 12th Street & SE 11th Avenue

Idylweir Park
SE 10th Avenue & SE 10th Street

Nature Park
1600 SE 30th Avenue

Powhattan Park
3800 SE 3rd Street

Ritterhoff Park
1400 Block SE 17th Street

Turnipseed Park
SE 7th Street & SE 13th Avenue

Walker Park
SE 7th Street & SE 17th Avenue

Highlands East
3160 SE 13th Street

Highlands West
2840 SE 13th Street


Our Promise

At Ocala Recreation and Parks we endeavor to provide you with experiences uniquely yours in safe places and spaces that captivate and inspire - where strangers become friends and friends become a family we call community - where little boys and girls dream of mighty achievements and their families and neighbors are their biggest fans - where the song of the swing set, the roaring of the crowd and the rustling of the leaves all blend into a sweet symphony - where time and troubles slip away into smiles and laughter.

At Ocala Recreation and Parks we endeavor to ensure that the memories you make with us here today will be the treasured stories you share with your family, friends, children, and grandchildren tomorrow. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.