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 Fishing in Ocala Parks

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Fishing is permitted at the following locations:   

  • Tuscawilla Park 
  • Ritterhoff Park (the Duck Pond) 
  • Nature Park 
  • Toms Park 

 Please be a responsible steward of our natural resources . . . 

  • All fishing at city ponds is catch-and-release only.
  • Keep fishing lines clear of fountains, bubblers, etc. 
  • Ensure that all discarded supplies (fishing line, hooks, spools, etc.) are put in a trash receptacle as they can and do harm wildlife. 
  • Do not feed or harass ducks or other animals.  Why?  Click here!  
  • No bait collecting/cast netting permitted. 
  • Park only in designated areas. 


Our Promise

At Ocala Recreation and Parks we endeavor to provide you with experiences uniquely yours in safe places and spaces that captivate and inspire - where strangers become friends and friends become a family we call community - where little boys and girls dream of mighty achievements and their families and neighbors are their biggest fans - where the song of the swing set, the roaring of the crowd and the rustling of the leaves all blend into a sweet symphony - where time and troubles slip away into smiles and laughter.

At Ocala Recreation and Parks we endeavor to ensure that the memories you make with us here today will be the treasured stories you share with your family, friends, children and grandchildren tomorrow. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.