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Elections Information

Familiarizing candidates with information for city council and mayoral offices


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This information is intended to familiarize candidates with information for city council and mayoral offices in the City of Ocala, and campaign treasurers with their duties and responsibilities under Florida’s election laws.
The reporting dates for each election are included. All requirements prescribed by statute and included in this material are subject to change by the Florida Legislature.  If changes do occur, we will notify each of the candidates.

We would like to congratulate the candidates on taking an active role in the electoral process.  We are ready to assist whenever we can.
It is our hope that this material below will be a helpful reference to the candidates, as well as the citizens of Ocala.  If you have any questions regarding the campaign or the campaign process, please contact the City Clerk's office at 629-8266.

Angel B. Jacobs
City Clerk 

Recently Adopted Ordinances

Mayoral Election Information

  • Mayoral Duties  
    • Division 2. Mayor – Section of City Code regarding Mayor.
    • Article III. Mayor – Section of City Charter regarding Mayor.
  • All Mayoral Election Documents
    • All necessary forms and documents for the mayoral election.

City Council Election Information

  • Council Duties  
    • Division 3. Councilmembers – Section of City Code regarding Council.
    • Article II. City Council – Section of City Charter regarding Council.
  • All Council Election Documents
    • All necessary forms and documents for the city council election.

General Election Information

  • Election Laws   
    • This is a compilation of chapters of the Florida Statutes election laws.
  • Treasurer Handbook   
    • This handbook should be used by candidate and campaign treasurer as a guide for campaign financing and reporting.
  • Calendar of Election Dates - This provides an outline of:
    • Dates for qualifying to run for office, reporting dates for campaign reports, termination report and cut-off for accepting contribution dates
    • List of required documents and fees to qualify for office
    • List of city, county and state offices to obtain information from regarding elections.
  • City Council Map  
    • Current boundaries of districts and council representatives of the districts.
  • General Infomation 
    • Information regarding candidacy, signage, campaign account and reports.
  • Acknowledgement of Electronic Filing
    • Information regarding electronic filing.
  • Resolution-2013-40
    • A resolution of the City of Ocala regarding the implementation of electronic filing.
  • Ordinance #5662 
    • Recent change to City Code regarding establishing residency of candidates.