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Special Sanitation Services


Disposal of Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles may not be disposed with your regular garbage.  Used hypodermic needles protrude through plastic bags sticking and injuring our sanitation workers.  This type of injury causes lost work hours and unnecessary stress as employees must undergo a series of screening tests and inoculations.  The city is more than happy to provide you with a safe container for the disposal of used hypodermic needles.  For a charge of $5.00, a field supervisor will deliver a container to your home and collect and dispose of it when full at no additional charge.  Please telephone 351-6697 if you have a need for this.

Large Yard/Trash Piles

Special fees are charged for amounts equal to or greater than five cubic yards(1/4 truckload), and will be added to your next monthly garbage bill. The additional cost will be $33.00 per 1/4 truckload and an additional  cost of $8.25 per 1/4 hour for labor as needed.  Disposal and labor charges will only be adjusted in 1/4 hour increments.  There is no charge for piles of less than five cubic yards.

Lawn Service and Contractor's Debris

Clippings, trees, whole stumps or construction materials must be removed by the contractor performing the work.


Tires must not be placed in the garbage or in dumpsters.  Please call Ocala Public Works Residential Sanitation at 351-6697 for a special pick up.

Yard Waste

Florida State laws prohibit the disposal of plastic bags with any type of yard waste. Effective 1/1/03, plastic bags cannot be used for the disposal of yard waste, including leaves.  Please use reusable garbage cans or biodegradable paper lawn and leaf bags.  Yard Waste must be placed at curbside separated from all other waste.  Yard waste may not be placed in the street, sidewalk or on any storm drain.

White Goods

A $12.50 charge will be billed for the collection of any white good appliance. If you are In doubt, call 351-6697 for more information.

Unwanted Medications

Expired or unwanted prescription and over the counter medications from households should never be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet or a drain.  Although this method of disposal prevents accidental ingestion, it can cause contamination to Florida’s aquatic environment because wastewater  treatment systems are not designed to remove many of these medications.  Please use these practical guidelines when disposing of prescription and over-the-counter medicines:

For Pills and Liquids:

  1. Keep the medicines in the original container.  This will help identify the contents if they are accidently ingested.
  2. Mark out your name and prescription number for safety.
  3. For pills: add some water or soda to start dissolving them. 
    For liquids: add something inedible like cat litter, dirt or cayenne pepper.
  4. Close the lid and secure with duct or packing tape.
  5. Place the bottle(s) inside an opaque (non see through) container like a coffee can or plastic laundry bottle.
  6. Tape the container closed.
  7. Hide the container in the trash.  Do not put in the recycle bin. 

Household Hazardous Waste  

What is household hazardous waste? 

It is any substance which, if disposed of improperly, can have an adverse effect on the environment.  Even if, in your opinion, it is a small quantity and you cannot conceive of any damage it could do; if mixed in combination with other disposals, it could have an unfortunate consequence.  Those effects could be dangerous to birds or pets or even your own children.

How to dispose of household hazardous waste? 

The City of Ocala will not collect any type of hazardous waste.  Marion County is the authorized holder of household hazardous waste.  They have a holding facility located at the same address as the Baseline Landfill, and will accept household hazardous waste from you as an individual.

Hazardous waste such as oil and other automotive fluids (pesticides, fungicides, oil-based or liquid based paints, poisons and sharp objects) must be transported by you to the Marion County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.  Used oil is, however, accepted by some auto parts retailers.  Please contact the Baseline Landfill at (352)671-8465, Located at 5601 SE 66th Street, Ocala.